How to plan a hen party

As a bride, you ought to have a memorable hen party. This is the last night you and your girl crew are having the last night of your single life, and thus you have to have the best night of your life. Hen parties should be well organized and coordinated so that as you get married, you will have a day to remember. This is the day you enjoy yourself and thus party like your last. After your wedding, such nights will be the ones you and your girl squad will miss.

How do you organize a hen party? Here is a guide to help you:

1. Plan

The first thing you need to do is let all your ladies know that you want to have one so that you can plan for it. Planning helps you have a budget and see the number of people who will attend and have a memorable day with. As you plan to make a budget that will cater to all your needs so that you can make it a reality.

2. Find a venue

You need to have a venue that you will host your party. The venue should be one that all will be comfortable with and accessible. Choose a venue based on the activity you prefer as the theme for the event and let it be in your budget allocation. After you have found a place, pay for it so that you will not have any last-minute disappointments.

3. Get a dress code

You and your girl crew need to rock at your hen party. Therefore choose a dress code that suits the theme for the day and is comfortable for the venue. This is a night you will have pictures of memories of the day and thus, you need to kill the show.

4. Attend

After you have planned and all is in place, you know should make a grand entrance and this can be by hiring a limo to make a statement. This is a night for you as the bride and thus you should enjoy it to your level best. Turn up on this day and have all the fun you need before marriage but responsibly.